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It Was a Bust

It was a bust. Not the type of bust that gay men are oddly attracted to, but rather, my efforts to proclaim my affection for Philip.Unfortunately for me, that was not the only thing that was a bust.

First: Dinner. Philip was going to be a couple minutes late to dinner on his last night in town, so I made the regrettable decision to wait for him in one of the million Starbucks in New York.  When we finally sat down for dinner at one of my favorite places to go in Hell’s Kitchen, which aptly was where we ate on our first date, I was having what can only be referred to as a caffeine fit. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am easily excitable (keep your minds out of the gutter!) and prone to wild gesticulations. When Starbuck’s disastrously strong coffee was added to the mix along side being anxious about telling my feelings to Philip, I was in rare form. Continue reading….


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Courage is something that did not come in my genetic make-up. Don’t get me wrong; when push comes to shove I can become quite protective and stand-up for myself. I did manage to defend myself when attacked by two pre-teen muggers – round-house kicks and all. I am still proud of that moment!

I am the type of person that still gets embarrassed walking in sex shops and I know it’s completely ridiculous but most times I even have my condoms delivered in a little brown box via If you think that’s bad, I am worse when it comes to matters of the heart. Like any good machine in trouble, I power down. Much like the Cowardly Lion, I run away. And like the Cowardly Lion it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities if I did my big number as I was exiting stage left. Continue reading…

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