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Press Your Luck: An Online Dating Parable

Online dating is tricky. One might even say it is akin to going on a blind date. At least with the latter you are being set up by friends who hopefully have your best interests at heart and not by a random computer equation. It can be quite surprising when X + Z = Y actually solves in your favor.

A major problem with online dating is creating your own profile. It can be overwhelming. You must sound articulate, funny, adventurous, and sexy. It usually takes me at least four drafts before I am remotely satisfied with how I come across. As we all know, there are many MANY people that do not take that sense of pride, or anal retentiveness, in their profiles. I have one thing to say to you budding online daters: Spell Check. To be honest, all that can be over looked with some great photos; it’s shameful but true. Continue Reading…


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I Don’t Know Why They Had to Single Me Out!

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