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Brian (cubed)


Let me back up a little bit and start from where I left off.

Yes, Thanksgiving. Brian visited and as you may have guessed we spent the majority of our time hidden away in my apartment and partly clothed. Unfortunately, I realized that our tryst was nothing more than what it was, just that, a tryst.  Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed his visit and at no point did I want to go send him to the store, quickly pack up my apartment, and move to Afghanistan leaving him in the dust. But the sparks that I remembered or hoped for weren’t there.

A couple weeks after Brian’s visit, I started dating someone else, Bryan. Certainly it made it easier for me to remember his name! Bryan and I started chatting on Scruff a while ago but nothing really came of it. Surprisingly, he texted me out of the blue for a drink. Drinks turned to dinner and dinner turned into a good night kiss. Continue reading…


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