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Auschwitz or Lesbianism

Unfortunately, the second chance with Josh did not go so well.

Let me clarify: the date itself was good. The picnic in Prospect Park was fun, disgustingly hot, but fun. We then headed back to his place to prepare for a small barbeque with two of his lesbian friends. But before the girls arrived, he managed to mangle my face again. This time I was able to focus on everything else and it was adequate at best. This was not for lack of trying, bless his heart. He was trying so damn hard that this time my phallus was just as chapped as my face. Continue reading…


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Sex·pec·ta·tion /sekspek’tāSHən/
1. the act or state of expecting sex or the state of being expected for sex.

2. (usually plural) the expectations that you place on the abilities of new sexual partner: something looked forward to: whether feared or hoped for.

3. an attitude of expectancy or hope of having sex.

The first time we have sex with someone we have expectations. We all have standards and we all our own set of criteria to judge people, both physically and performance-wise: six pack, good kisser, length, girth, cleanliness, strong arms, breath, bubble or flat, and most importantly do they have the ability to press all our buttons and make our toes curl. Continue Reading…

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The Art is in the Telling

Art comes in many forms. A writer plays with words and structure. A painter plays with color and light. And a loner plays with himself. Being HIV positive, my art is in the telling. I have to be able to tell my prospective partner about my status in a way that does not evoke fear, shame, or embarrassment, for either of us. This is an art form I do not possess. Continue Reading…

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One of Your Own Kind, Stick to Your Own Kind

I cannot count how many times I have heard the phrase, “I am sure there are other positive guys out there you can date.” This is typically from someone who is trying to politely turn me down and indirectly, they are trying alleviate some of their guilt for being prejudiced. I have often heard similar things from my friends when I complain about my disastrous dating life. They go on to tell me that, “It would be so much easier for you date someone who is positive. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about being rejected because of your status.” My response goes a little something like this: a 5, 6, 7, 8….Continue reading

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Blame Canada!

Good New: I was asked to blog for the site, an amazing Canadian Poz website. You can see my introductory entry at:

Say hello to Positively Dating!

Going forward I will be blogging on their website, BUT rest assured, I will also be posting the entries on this site with a link back to

See you on the other side of the border, eh!

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