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A Flock of Seagulls Shit on Me!

Wednesday I was sitting at work pondering how I would spend the long holiday weekend. Even though the first choice for the trendy New York City gay is to trek out to Fire Island, don their itsy bitzy teeni weenie yellow polka dot bikini and be kissed by the sun gods. Alas, I am not that kind of gay. Nope, I am the kind of gay that would trek the 2 hours southwest back to Philadelphia for the weekend. I emailed my good friend Brian  and secure my place on his couch and bought my bus tickets. Continue reading


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Thank You for Being A Friend

Right after my birthday last year I spent a week in Provincetown, MA with my best friend/roommate, Jacob. We had been there the year prior and absolutely fell in love with that small New England town. It is such an interesting mix of gay, art, gay, beach, bikes, drag queens, and with a dash of straights thrown in there for good measure. Its one of my favorite places to go. Continue reading

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Slippery Little Suckers

While I can attract a man, I cannot seem to hold their interest for very long. I wish I could blame this entirely on my HIV status. Alas, I cannot. Sometimes my status does play a large factor and other times it’s my ability to make a complete ass out of myself in the most mundane situations. I have the verbal filter of a 5 year old and I am as clumsy as baby seal on stilts. These faults can lead me into some dangerously hilarious situations, especially when they happen at the same time. Continue reading


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I have stuck to my goal and I am back on the one date a week plan. Unfortunately for me, not a one was called back for a second date. Who knew that there were so many boring people living in New York City? I guess that if they say that because of the larger population there is more crime, you can make that assumption everything. More theatre, more shops, more urine soaked streets and yes even more dull dates! Instead of complaining about the current state of my dating pool, I will share another story from my past. Continue reading


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I Don’t Want No Pig Figurines: To Tell or Not to Tell, part 2

Here is my dilemma and it is something that I have faced ever since I have tested positive: Should I tell my work friends about my HIV status. Everyone needs people to talk to. Look what happened to Kathy Bates’s character in Misery. That will never happen to me. I mean, I could probably have a man shackled to bed, but pig figurines, NEVER!  Continue reading

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