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Something New

Ever notice how most New Yorkers (and yes, I consider myself one even though I have only been a resident in this great city for less than two years), do their best to avoid Times Square? If we must be in the area, we concoct a plan to stay far away from the roaming masses of tourists, even if it means we take the most circuitous route to our destination. This avoidance of Times Square becomes even more evident on December 31st.  Last year I even fled the country to be far, far away from the ball and its infamous dropping.

This year I was invited to a party on the fourth floor of an office building overlooking the center of Times Square. Initially, my instinct was to politely decline the invitation and  keep clear of the  crowds. But alas, Brian (one of my best friends) was coming up from Philly for the weekend and once I mentioned the party, it became the one thing he wanted to do. Being the good friend that I am, I acquiesced and we prepared to descend upon the eye of the storm. Continue Reading…


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