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The Smell of Ignorance

I knew better than to expect much in the way of romance after a text I got from my recent lunch date:

                  I am horny for your [body part] again.

But as the week progressed I started to wonder… My lunch date kept texting me – some were very adorable; some were funny; and yes, some would fall into the category of sexting. But maybe my initial thought was correct. Maybe this random non-choleric meal could turn into something else. Could this muscled party-boy really be the perfect match for me?

What is so wrong with that? He is funny, great in bed, thinks I have an amazing body and he is OK with my HIV status. So why not give him a chance?

Also, at this point, I have learned not to count anyone out. Continue Reading…


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Jumping Back In

I have the problem of never doing anything half assed. I usually tend to jump in with both feet without concern of any consequences. Sometimes this can be quite beneficial and sometimes…well, let’s just say it doesn’t end up anywhere close to what I was expecting.

Let me illustrate.

A long time ago, when I was living Philadelphia, I met this [sport] player, sigh. (Yes, we are playing MadLibs!) He was quite a [adjective] young lad, very tall and muscular. After our [number] date, I quickly found out that his [body part]matched the rest of his large frame. Being an equal opportunity employer and having never employed someone with such a large [same body part] before, I decided that I needed to do some work of my own. Continue Reading…

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Pride and Prudishness

I am a prude. It’s true, I am. No, seriously.

I do believe in free love and make use of that freedom as much as I can, but I do it very prudishly. I have never been one for public sex or any sort of exhibitionist activities. Well there was that one time that I did a little more than kiss a stranger in a closed-off room at a dance club in Philadelphia, but I was so young and, more importantly, quite drunk. Never, I repeat, never would I desecrate a place where I go to worship or a place where I go to find solace.

Now, I am not a religious person. I grew up Catholic, we attended weekly services at a local church and my dad taught Sunday school. Did I mention that the services were in Spanish? Did I mention that even thought I am one half Puerto Rican I don’t speak one word of Spanish? So as a child, church was something very foreign to me, literally. Even as I got older, religion never really took. Continue reading…

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A Shift in Priorities

So I have been dateless for about a month now. Shocking! What is even more shocking than that, is it has been by choice. I know, I know, a month isn’t that long, but because of my past year, a month seems like a decade.

First I didn’t want to date because I was still recuperating from the diaper rash incident, but then it became much more than that. I realized that I have been missing something.

When I moved to New York City, over a year ago, I left a bevy of great friends – ones that I have known since college, ones that met somewhere in my nine years of gallivanting around Philadelphia, and ones that I met while in my bed. Continue Reading….

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