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I Love Me: The David Bromstad Mural

On September 20th I had the great fortune to attend the unveiling of David Bromstad’s new mural for at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York City.

The night started off with a bevy of great speakers: Dr. Brian Baugh from Janssen Therapeutics, Glenda Testone from The Center, Dr. Anita Radis from the Callen Lorde Center, and of course the reason why we all gathered (and the eye candy for the evening) David Bromstad.

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Ptown Preening Problems

After my trip to Provincetown, I decided to send Dr. Perfect Hair a text. He wouldn’t have given me his number if he didn’t want me to contact him, right? The text was witty and pithy but I could tell with the curt reply that my fears were confirmed. My HIV proved to be a bit too much for him. Or could it have been something else?

Let me explain:

Like every good gay I like to make myself presentable. This includes the intricate art of manscaping. If you have the blessing/curse to grow body hair like a chia pet, you can do one of three things.

1. Shave yourself completely smooth and pretend that you are a twink;
2. Trim yourself – While you are still true to yourself, you are not overgrown; or
3. Embrace the hair and become a bear or an otter or whatever animal you wish to be called.

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Let’s Play Doctor: A Provincetown Adventure

I don’t know how he does it. When I woke up this morning there was this insanely handsome, six foot three man lying nude in my bed.  With perfect hair. Seriously with perfect hair. How does that happen?

I had to do the oh-so-fun-get-up-ten-minutes-before-he-does-brush-my-teeth-and-try-to-calm-that-damn-cowlick–before-he-wakes-up routine while he was lying there, sound asleep and looking perfect with Ken doll hair. Did he get up ten minutes before I did to fix his hair and clean those ever so lovely eye boogies that I always forget to remove? He must have.

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Earthquakes and Hurricanes and Acne, Oh My!

Natural Disasters All!

Disclaimer: This is not about boys, sex, or looking for either. I am sorry to disappoint anyone. This is about vanity – pure and simple. We all fall victim to vanity from time to time – and you know I’m right!

In preparation for my birthday trip to Ptown, I have been hitting the gym a little more vigorously than usual. Weightlifting in the morning, cardio at lunch, and if I still can move I try to attend a yoga class in the evening. I do this living purely on a liquid diet. And no, not the type that we have when we arrive at Ptown – I have been living on protein shakes. I understand that this is a little extreme, but as someone who was an overweight kid and still has body image issues because of it, it’s what I do. I always joke that when I go on vacation, I will be passed out in a corner from overexertion and unable to move for the entire trip but I won’t care because damnit, my abs will look insane! Continue reading…

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