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The Polar Vortex


William Shakespeare once wrote: In springtime, the only pretty ring time. Birds sing, hey ding. A-ding, A-ding. Sweet lovers love the spring” Well, Shakespeare must have never had a winter like this one! For the past couple months, New York City has been wrapped in a blanket of snow and New Yorkers have been wrapped in their best down coats. For whatever reason, Mother Nature played a cruel prank on us this year and gave us what has been dubbed a Polar Vortex. Somehow this polar vortex has the boys of NYC on the prowl (more so than usual.)

After the Brians, I had planned to takes some time off from dating and boys in general. I wanted to focus on my newest obsession, my ukulele. Yes, you read that correctly. My Ukulele. I bought one for Christmas and quickly thereafter started taking lessons at the New York Ukulele School (again, I’m not lying).  Continue Reading….



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