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A Clean Slate


After my recent dabble into domestication I was determined to start actually dating again. And I don’t mean the kind of dating that happens from a gentlemen’s socializing network – you know the ones where you are lucky if you get their first names. Don’t get me wrong, I had enjoyed those for quite some time, but I am just looking for something real now. I am looking for those 1950’s inspired kind of dates. So I dusted off my OkCupid account and took a gander at who is out there.

I saw the name and I was drawn in like some classic literary reference. Then I saw the pictures. Wait can this be true; smart and sexy? I started with a small note telling him that I enjoyed his profile. Low and behold, he responded. We chatted back and forth for about a month. We tried to get together various times, but first his schedule did not cooperate, and then my schedule did not cooperate. Continue reading…


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