Courage is something that did not come in my genetic make-up. Don’t get me wrong; when push comes to shove I can become quite protective and stand-up for myself. I did manage to defend myself when attacked by two pre-teen muggers – round-house kicks and all. I am still proud of that moment!

I am the type of person that still gets embarrassed walking in sex shops and I know it’s completely ridiculous but most times I even have my condoms delivered in a little brown box via If you think that’s bad, I am worse when it comes to matters of the heart. Like any good machine in trouble, I power down. Much like the Cowardly Lion, I run away. And like the Cowardly Lion it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities if I did my big number as I was exiting stage left. Continue reading…

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  1. I would have to argue the opposite. By your very act of posting this, you’ve demonstrated, just like the lion – you’ve had it all along. I hope you see it too. Thanks for sharing this and greetings from Texas.

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