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My week in LA (Waiting for my close-up pt. two)


I may be a stereotypical cynical New Yorker, but I think the people in LA are a little too nice. Even the crazy homeless people looked like they lived off of organic kale smoothies and pure sunshine. It freaked me out. Wait, let me back up a bit… 

When I started my blog, one of the first things I wrote about was how there are very few depictions of people living with HIV from this century on TV or film. Things are changing, like the Eddie on Looking, but mainly if we see anyone on TV or in the movies with HIV it is someone with AIDS from the 80s who is covered in lesions and probably dying of some bizarre bird flu. Don’t get me wrong, these stories are our history and there should be a place for them, but there also needs to be a place, in contemporary media, for our current stories. The stories of the normal everyday guy, trying to live and love, who just happens to be HIV-positive.  Continue Reading…


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The Non-Story


I’ve lied to you.

Ok, not really lied, but I’ve been keeping things from you.

I swear it wasn’t my intention to be deceptive; it’s just that there are some things that aren’t story worthy. If I told you everything, you would hear stories much like: “I went to meet a mildly attractive guy, who had one extremely long nose hair that kept peaking out. After the date was over I went home and plucked and preened and made sure I was perfectly manscaped.”  These non- stories are the byproduct of dating. We all have them. I am sure that I am in someone else’s blog as the anglophile with the overt obsession for Jane Austen. Continue Reading…

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Old Miad


What constitutes an old maid in this day and age? I don’t mean the card game where you try your best to stick your opponents with the decrepit old women in the rocking chair. I am referring to the dreaded age when your family and friends stop wondering if you will shack up. The age when they give up hope that you will ever find love.

I have been thinking about this quite a lot lately. In all honesty, its mostly because I have a birthday looming – my thirty-seventh birthday to be exact – and I’m beginning to feel like I’m staring down the barrel of forty. I realize that forty isn’t, by any means, ancient. And I’m aware that men have been known to have children into their seventies. But no Charlie Chaplin am I…continue reading

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A Clean Slate


After my recent dabble into domestication I was determined to start actually dating again. And I don’t mean the kind of dating that happens from a gentlemen’s socializing network – you know the ones where you are lucky if you get their first names. Don’t get me wrong, I had enjoyed those for quite some time, but I am just looking for something real now. I am looking for those 1950’s inspired kind of dates. So I dusted off my OkCupid account and took a gander at who is out there.

I saw the name and I was drawn in like some classic literary reference. Then I saw the pictures. Wait can this be true; smart and sexy? I started with a small note telling him that I enjoyed his profile. Low and behold, he responded. We chatted back and forth for about a month. We tried to get together various times, but first his schedule did not cooperate, and then my schedule did not cooperate. Continue reading…

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Various Disappointments

It is too darn hot to even try.  Here’s a picture for you: In weather like this, all I want to do is lay on my couch in my underwear with my air conditioner on high with an industrial strength fan directed at my ass, while watching bad romantic comedies from the 80s. So needless to say, dating is far, FAR from my to-do list.

This is not to say that I haven’t had the occasional ‘fling’. I mean, we all know this boys got some needs!  Even so, there has been nothing of interest to report. I even had my very first trip to Fire Island.  The beach was gorgeous and the boys were hot. But lets just say that once they opened their mouths I no longer found them attractive.  I was surprised when my Fire Island day trip turned into an over night jaunt, but even so, there was still nothing of interest to report. Seriously.

I’m not sure if I had given up on dating or if it was just too hot to try, but finally after two months of being one-with-my-couch, I slapped myself, got my ass off the couch and get decided to get back out there! Continue Reading…

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Always Let Your Conscious Be Your Guide

As I re-entered the world of singledom, after the South African, some things became disturbingly clear

I realized that I have a post break-up habit.  Some people get a drastic hair cut. Some people gain or even lose 15 lbs. For me, after a relationship ends I tend to become a true believer in free love.   During which I made good use of all of my gentleman’s socializing networks. I could be found chatting with guys at the gym, at work, at home.  I would even travel the length of Manhattan to partake in an extra long lunch break. Just to clarify, this was NOT my prior lunch date.  Within the midst of my newly rejuvenated spurt of free love, there were a couple observations that shocked and confused me.

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Could’ve Been So Beautiful, Could’ve Been So Right

After the lackluster first sexual encounter with Martin, I was determined that it would indeed get better. After all, we are both attractive men in our mid 30s and we like each other, so there is nothing stopping us from having no-holds-barred-animalistic sex. Right? At least that is what I was hoping for. I like Martin, I really do and I want us to work. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, but we all know that sex is a fairly large component in a new relationship.

I’m sure you know me well enough by know to know that I had a plan a brewin’. This what I finally decided upon: First, I would stop off and get two gourmet cupcakes. Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? Secondly, I would meet him at his apartment and I would say “First I want to ravage you. Then I want to ravage these.” Brilliant. Sexy. Fun. Sweet. Continue Reading…


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