Fuzzy Bunnies [The Unatainables Part One]


Why is it that the most unattainable guys are the ones we are most attracted to? I’m not talking about the guys who we think are so gorgeous they repel anything less then themselves. No, I am referring to the men, who for one reason or another, we can never have. In the past couple weeks I have had two very different kinds of unattainables. 

A couple of weeks ago a new friend of mine, Charles was performing in a new play.  The only thing I will say about the production was that his performance was amazing, and I trust you will understand my implications. Afterwards, I was invited to have drinks with his friends.I have decreed that I am going to try to be more social this summer and thus going forward I am not allowing myself to use “doing laundry” as my excuse for not going out on a Friday night. So I said yes.

After the play we all walked to a nearby bar and I randomly made the decision to sit next to the boy with the biceps the size of cantaloupes. It was a valid choice that I stand by. His name was Malcolm. At first, Malcolm had no intention in speaking to me. In fact he had no intention to speak to anyone based on his complete enthrallment with the glowing light of his iPhone. So I chatted with some other new people and was starting to feel like part of the group.  Then Malcolm put down his phone and noticed me and the night started to change.  Continue Reading…



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ESCAPE: To Tell or Not to Tell (Part 4)


As the cold continued to descend upon the greater northeast, I decided to abandon New York City and escape the Polar Vortex for something a bit warmer. So, I whisked myself away on my first solo vacation and found myself on the gay friendly Caribbean island ofCuraçaoNow, what is the first thing we do when going to a new place? If you guessed “use our gentleman socializing applications to see what the natives are like” you are correct!


Don’t get me wrong; I spent so much time lounging on various lush beaches, swimming, snorkeling, and reading by the pool while drinking frozen drinks that I now have  a new favorite come-on line: “Do you wanna see my tan lines?”  But I also managed  to meet some very interesting people on that small island, some of whom I fooled around with and some who I just hung out with. In my short time there, I met two different guys who were both HIV-positive and shared the same views on disclosing their status: they didn’t. Continue Reading…


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The Polar Vortex


William Shakespeare once wrote: In springtime, the only pretty ring time. Birds sing, hey ding. A-ding, A-ding. Sweet lovers love the spring” Well, Shakespeare must have never had a winter like this one! For the past couple months, New York City has been wrapped in a blanket of snow and New Yorkers have been wrapped in their best down coats. For whatever reason, Mother Nature played a cruel prank on us this year and gave us what has been dubbed a Polar Vortex. Somehow this polar vortex has the boys of NYC on the prowl (more so than usual.)

After the Brians, I had planned to takes some time off from dating and boys in general. I wanted to focus on my newest obsession, my ukulele. Yes, you read that correctly. My Ukulele. I bought one for Christmas and quickly thereafter started taking lessons at the New York Ukulele School (again, I’m not lying).  Continue Reading….


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Brian (cubed)


Let me back up a little bit and start from where I left off.

Yes, Thanksgiving. Brian visited and as you may have guessed we spent the majority of our time hidden away in my apartment and partly clothed. Unfortunately, I realized that our tryst was nothing more than what it was, just that, a tryst.  Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed his visit and at no point did I want to go send him to the store, quickly pack up my apartment, and move to Afghanistan leaving him in the dust. But the sparks that I remembered or hoped for weren’t there.

A couple weeks after Brian’s visit, I started dating someone else, Bryan. Certainly it made it easier for me to remember his name! Bryan and I started chatting on Scruff a while ago but nothing really came of it. Surprisingly, he texted me out of the blue for a drink. Drinks turned to dinner and dinner turned into a good night kiss. Continue reading…

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The Non-Story


I’ve lied to you.

Ok, not really lied, but I’ve been keeping things from you.

I swear it wasn’t my intention to be deceptive; it’s just that there are some things that aren’t story worthy. If I told you everything, you would hear stories much like: “I went to meet a mildly attractive guy, who had one extremely long nose hair that kept peaking out. After the date was over I went home and plucked and preened and made sure I was perfectly manscaped.”  These non- stories are the byproduct of dating. We all have them. I am sure that I am in someone else’s blog as the anglophile with the overt obsession for Jane Austen. Continue Reading…

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In Search of BB

brits_098feb74812a91f8e51505aa1a536a48My birthday has come and gone and now I find myself in my late thirties. And guess what?  Nothing happened. I didn’t instantly become a cat lady spending my nights alone watching sappy romantic comedies, eating my feelings, stuffing my face with dark chocolate and dreaming of my future husband. You see, I didn’t become one of those because I have always been one. Minus the cats. I’m allergic or I know I would have them too. Haven’t you seen those YouTube videos? They are so cute.

For my birthday present I have decided to take a 10-day trip  to England with one of my best friends. I am sure you have guessed, with all my references to Jane Austen, I am quite an anglophile.  What better a place to look for British Boys than in England.  (What did you think  I meant by BB? Get your mind out of the gutters!) Continue Reading…

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Old Miad


What constitutes an old maid in this day and age? I don’t mean the card game where you try your best to stick your opponents with the decrepit old women in the rocking chair. I am referring to the dreaded age when your family and friends stop wondering if you will shack up. The age when they give up hope that you will ever find love.

I have been thinking about this quite a lot lately. In all honesty, its mostly because I have a birthday looming – my thirty-seventh birthday to be exact – and I’m beginning to feel like I’m staring down the barrel of forty. I realize that forty isn’t, by any means, ancient. And I’m aware that men have been known to have children into their seventies. But no Charlie Chaplin am I…continue reading

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