A Hunchback in the Clouds!

They say that spring is the time for lov. It’s rapidly approaching and I have been frustrated with my dating landscape, so I decided to have a little fun on OkCupid For those out there that don’t utilize that site, your profile is basically a collection of the most generic questions possible to describe yourself to a prospective date. These questions include: What Am I Doing With My Life (Seriously? This question sounds like it comes from a disappointed parent.), I’m Really Good At (If you have some spare time, you should read people’s responses, they are hilarious!), and the list goes on from there. Having no recent luck with the site and on-set of spring-like weather, I had a crazy idea. I decided to make my profile into bit of a joke.

 The First Thing People Usually Notice About Me…

….My charming personality or maybe my hunchback, it’s a tossup.

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