The Smell of Ignorance

I knew better than to expect much in the way of romance after a text I got from my recent lunch date:

                  I am horny for your [body part] again.

But as the week progressed I started to wonder… My lunch date kept texting me – some were very adorable; some were funny; and yes, some would fall into the category of sexting. But maybe my initial thought was correct. Maybe this random non-choleric meal could turn into something else. Could this muscled party-boy really be the perfect match for me?

What is so wrong with that? He is funny, great in bed, thinks I have an amazing body and he is OK with my HIV status. So why not give him a chance?

Also, at this point, I have learned not to count anyone out. Continue Reading…

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Filed under AIDS, Dating, Gay, HIV, HIV/AIDS, New York City

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