Pride and Prudishness

I am a prude. It’s true, I am. No, seriously.

I do believe in free love and make use of that freedom as much as I can, but I do it very prudishly. I have never been one for public sex or any sort of exhibitionist activities. Well there was that one time that I did a little more than kiss a stranger in a closed-off room at a dance club in Philadelphia, but I was so young and, more importantly, quite drunk. Never, I repeat, never would I desecrate a place where I go to worship or a place where I go to find solace.

Now, I am not a religious person. I grew up Catholic, we attended weekly services at a local church and my dad taught Sunday school. Did I mention that the services were in Spanish? Did I mention that even thought I am one half Puerto Rican I don’t speak one word of Spanish? So as a child, church was something very foreign to me, literally. Even as I got older, religion never really took. Continue reading…

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One response to “Pride and Prudishness

  1. Gym sex = ringworm in places you really, really don’t want it. Good call.

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