Let’s Play Doctor: A Provincetown Adventure

I don’t know how he does it. When I woke up this morning there was this insanely handsome, six foot three man lying nude in my bed.  With perfect hair. Seriously with perfect hair. How does that happen?

I had to do the oh-so-fun-get-up-ten-minutes-before-he-does-brush-my-teeth-and-try-to-calm-that-damn-cowlick–before-he-wakes-up routine while he was lying there, sound asleep and looking perfect with Ken doll hair. Did he get up ten minutes before I did to fix his hair and clean those ever so lovely eye boogies that I always forget to remove? He must have.

Wait – I should back up a bit. Continue Reading…

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Filed under AIDS, Dating, Gay, HIV, HIV/AIDS, New York City

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