Earthquakes and Hurricanes and Acne, Oh My!

Natural Disasters All!

Disclaimer: This is not about boys, sex, or looking for either. I am sorry to disappoint anyone. This is about vanity – pure and simple. We all fall victim to vanity from time to time – and you know I’m right!

In preparation for my birthday trip to Ptown, I have been hitting the gym a little more vigorously than usual. Weightlifting in the morning, cardio at lunch, and if I still can move I try to attend a yoga class in the evening. I do this living purely on a liquid diet. And no, not the type that we have when we arrive at Ptown – I have been living on protein shakes. I understand that this is a little extreme, but as someone who was an overweight kid and still has body image issues because of it, it’s what I do. I always joke that when I go on vacation, I will be passed out in a corner from overexertion and unable to move for the entire trip but I won’t care because damnit, my abs will look insane! Continue reading…


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