Sex·pec·ta·tion /sekspek’tāSHən/
1. the act or state of expecting sex or the state of being expected for sex.

2. (usually plural) the expectations that you place on the abilities of new sexual partner: something looked forward to: whether feared or hoped for.

3. an attitude of expectancy or hope of having sex.

The first time we have sex with someone we have expectations. We all have standards and we all our own set of criteria to judge people, both physically and performance-wise: six pack, good kisser, length, girth, cleanliness, strong arms, breath, bubble or flat, and most importantly do they have the ability to press all our buttons and make our toes curl. Continue Reading…


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One response to “Sexpectations

  1. courtney

    i’ll have to re-tell my broken-tooth makeout story… speaking of superficial facial wounds…

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