The Island of Mistfit Toys

Bang Bang you’re dead, brush your teeth and go to bed. This childhood statement truly epitomized how I felt after my cyber-stalker email to Philip. I was about to turn off the computer and hop into bed and wallow in my stalker shame, when I saw that I had a new message. It couldn’t be from Philip, could it? My heart started to race.

Wow, and you even tracked me down on facebook? Who have you been talking to??

I don’t mind… Kind of flattered actually. Unfortunately, I am out of the city and won’t be back for two weeks, even then I will only be in NYC for a week. After that, I will be in traveling for work until May. We might be able to grab a drink when I am back in town. If not, we’ll probably have to settle for being facebook friends for awhile.

I noticed you as well. 🙂

I couldn’t believe it. He replied within minutes. We ended up chatting for the next hour or so. I was on cloud nine, grinning ear to ear. I didn’t care if he was across the country, he noticed me. I started jumping around my apartment like Rudolph,”He Thinks i’m cute. I’m cute.  I’m ccccuuuutttteee!”

Not only did he not care that I am a cyber-stalker, he was actually flattered by it. We decided to meet for a drink when he would be in town for that one week. This is perfect. He knows I am crazy and he isnt’t running away. He is actually running towards the crazy. Here is real dating potential. Since I have had so many rejections recently because of my status, I decided to tell him that I am positive right off the bat. This would be the real test. Clearly he is can handle the crazy, but can he handle this? Philip took his time to respond. I was sure this was the end, another one over before it even started.

To be completely honest it does make me a bit nervous, but it wouldn’t let me stop me from dating anyone one.

 There is a some hope for me yet. Maybe I won’t get carted off to the island of misfit toys!


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