Not Ignored, Just Injured!

The Monday after gorging on Gouda I decided to not  to think about boys. I said I would try! True to form as soon as I made this mental note POOF there is a boy. It was Pj, who I met while in Mexico. He wanted to take me out. Fuck my mental note! I was going on a date, a date with someone who already knows my status. Not a bad coffee/cocktails get to know you date, but a really real date.

We met at a small restaurant in SoHo. I could see that PJ was a little nervous. “I wanted to take you out to dinner to apologize again if I was rude to you in Mexico. Like I said, my biggest regret was the way I treated you.” I reassured him that he did nothing wrong, even though it was very sweet for him to say so. We made chit chat about NYC, about me being struggling actor, about music, about his dog and about me being in Billy Elliot, the Musical. Wait, what? PJ cocked his head slightly confused. “Didn’t you tell me you were in Billy Elliot?” “Ummm…no.” Then it hit me and this is how our conversation went.

“I did study ballet, but I am in no means a dancer”

“What, like Billy Elliot?”

“Yes, just like!”

We laughed about his confusion, finished our meal and headed off to a movie. After the movie ended, he said that he had a great time and that we must hang out again. He told me that he is going on a ski trip over the weekend but we will definitely get together the following week. He then hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. How very sweet.

When I didn’t hear from him the following week, I decided to write him off. If I have learned anything from watching bad romantic comedies is that maybe he was just not that into me. Since I have the propensity for DUIs (dialing under the influence), I promptly deleted his number. A week later, almost two weeks from our first date, PJ emails me. A week later!? He tells me that while on his ski trip he injured his back skiing and has been out of commission. This made me so happy. He wasn’t ignoring me, he was just badly injured. Whoo Hoo!


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2 responses to “Not Ignored, Just Injured!

  1. Jeannie

    “He tells me that while on his ski trip he injured his back skiing and has been out of commission. This made me so happy.”

    I love your sense of humor!

  2. wheels

    I’ve tried the whole deleting numbers thing.. it never works for me, because eventually, one of them will txt me and depending on the text, I either ignore it (and feel like an ass) or text back ‘who is this’ (and look like an ass). Did I ever tell you about the drink date I had with someone I thought I would recognize when I got there? I did recognize HER! I just thank Oprah above that I didn’t do any dirty flirty texts..

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