Question: Is Knowing Really Half the Battle?

Once upon a time a prospective sexual partner, after hearing that I was HIV positive, said that he would have slept with me not knowing my status. Even though it wasn’t the first time that I have heard that statement, it still baffled me . One would assume that if a person is so concerned about HIV (and other sexually transmitted diseases) that he would ask about his prospective sexual partner’s status, and then STILL protect himself. We know that people are not always completely honest when answering such questions and many people unfortunately do not know their own statuses. Don’t’ get me wrong — I believe that a person has the right to sleep with whomever they choose for whatever reason. “If he is uncomfortable sleeping with someone who is positive, that is his prerogative (Thank you, Bobby. BOBBY!). By the same token, if one is at all concerned about sexually transmitted diseases, it is his responsibility to ask the difficult questions before sex.

Here is my discussion question: If you don’t ask your partner’s HIV status, do you still treat him or her as if he or she were positive? If you do treat everyone as if they are positive and your partner tells you that he or she is indeed positive, wouldn’t having that information allow you to protect yourself in a better fashion?  Isn’t having that information better than not?


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